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Construction works of the Domy na Pszennej (Houses on Wheat Street) housing estate in Łódź are coming to an end. Thanks to the use of prefabrication and Wood Core House technology, elements of single family terraced houses are constructed in express pace and assembled without the use of heavy equipment. The general contractor of the investment is RISER and RISER.domy consortium.

In Łódź, at Pszenna Street, a housing estate of 11 single-family terraced houses is being built in timber framing technology. Elements of the Wood Core House system buildings are produced in the manufacturer’s factory located in Jaworzno. Typical and always repeatable elements of the system are produced in the production hall. Other, non-standard elements are made according to an individual project. In the case of the Łódź housing estate, 70% of the elements were standard. The rest were produced in just a few days. The packages containing all the elements were transported to the construction site.

– Prefabricated elements of Wood Core House system have many advantages. First of all, the modules of which we build the structure weigh less than 100 kg and can be moved without the use of a crane. Each building is separately packaged with a set of connectors, anchors and screws, whose place of use is clearly indicated in the assembly instructions. The modules are stored in one place, which preserves order and cleanliness on the construction site. Construction is not inconvenient for local residents, as the construction team consists of a few people and the works are carried out without using heavy equipment or specialist construction tools,” says Tomasz Wachelka, Technical Department Manager, RISER.domy.

Speed of construction, safety and ecology

Currently, on the construction site in Pszenna Street, the assembly of load-bearing structure of all the buildings has been completed. The last batches of prefabricated roof trusses are being installed. In the following weeks the works related to internal installations, flooring and finishing will be carried out. At the same time, work on the facades of the buildings will take place.

– The pace of construction of the housing estate in Łódź is dizzying. Thanks to avoiding so-called wet processes, known from the concrete construction industry, and precise preparation of the elements in the production plant, the time of constructing the buildings is many times shorter. In 3 weeks we erected 6 frame building structures. Assembly of roofs on three buildings took one day. According to the schedule of construction works, we will complete a development state in 3 months – adds Tomasz Wachelka.

Polskie Domy Drewniane pays a lot of attention to insulation and fire safety of its buildings. The skeleton construction of houses in Łódź is wooden and walls are filled with a layer of mineral wool, providing excellent thermal insulation. Walls are diffusively open, which allows to create a favorable microclimate inside the building. Additionally, the walls are clad with fermacell panels, which provide excellent fire and acoustic protection. The buildings will be covered with a pitched roof and its structure will be adapted for mounting 5 kW photovoltaic panels. Each unit will be equipped with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, and the estate will have rainwater tanks for watering the greenery.

Revitalization and green areas

The area of the arising estate is green, surrounded by trees. There is a wooded area directly adjacent to the built-up part of the estate.

– Houses at Pszenna are part of urban revitalization projects which have been taking place in Łódź for several years. It is the third city in Poland in terms of population and it deserves beautiful, healthy and ecological buildings. Our housing estate was not only integrated with the existing greenery, but also new plantings were made. In our project, wooded green areas, so much needed in Łódź, occupy about 55% of the plot – says Tomasz Szlazak, President of the Board of Polskie Domów Drewnianych S.A.

Completion of the Domy na Pszennej development in Łódź is planned for the last quarter of this year.

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