Wroclaw is the third fastest growing city in the EU

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Wroclaw was ranked third in the ranking of the most dynamically developing European cities, second only to Dublin and Prague, according to the CEE Investment Report: Thriving Metropolitan Cities by Skanska, Colliers International and Dentons. TOP 20 includes 4 other Polish cities.

GDP growth as a strength of Wroclaw

Among the fastest growing metropolises in the European Union, the top 20 include as many as 16 cities from Central and Eastern Europe. Although Dublin, which is one of the most important directions of investment, took first place, another 14 cities in the ranking come from the region.

Wroclaw owes its high position mainly to the very high GDP growth in the last 10 years, amounting to 79%. A higher jump was recorded only in Bucharest (96%).

The ranking was based on three criteria: productivity (GDP per capita), communications (measured by passenger traffic at the main airports of the EU cities) and human capital, estimated using the percentage of employees with higher education. In the comparison, the cities with more than 250 thousand inhabitants were taken into account.

Industrial centre and programmers

According to the authors of the report, Wroclaw is famous for two main features. Firstly, the city has a very high quality staff, who are well educated, qualified and speak many languages, which means they have a high ability to work in an international environment. This is reflected in the highest ranked programmers in Europe. The second feature that characterizes the capital of Lower Silesia is being a strong industrial centre for German manufacturing companies, which locate their service centres in Wroclaw, and logistics centres around the city.

The ranking of the 20 most dynamically developing cities in the EU is as follows:

  1. Dublin (Irleand)
  2. Prague (Czech Republic)
  3. Wroclaw (Poland)
  4. Sofia (Bulgaria)
  5. Kosice (Slovakia)
  6. Bucharest (Romania)
  7. Cluj-Napoca (Romania)
  8. Krakow (Poland)
  9. Timisoara (Rumunia)
  10. Vilnius (Lithuania)
  11. Iasi (Romania)
  12. Bratislava (Slovakia)
  13. Kaunas (Lithuania)
  14. Gdansk (Poland)
  15. Szczecin (Poland)
  16. Porto (Portugal)
  17. Warsaw (Poland)
  18. Tallin (Estonia)
  19. Barcelona (Spain)
  20. Birmingham (UK)

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