Yareal enlarges the flagship office complex LIXA – another pedestrian passage will be built


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The LIXA office complex under construction near Rondo Daszynskiego will be larger than originally planned. Yareal has bought a plot of land adjacent to the investment, thanks to which it will be possible to build another stage and an additional building. As a result, the LIXA office space will be increased to approx. 75,000,000 sqm, and it will be possible to create a 150 m pedestrian passage and another green garden in the public courtyard.

New urban quarter

The expansion of the office complex is made possible by Yareal’s purchase of a plot of land of over 8,000 sqm, adjacent to LIXA in the west. The existing office building will be demolished and in its place Yareal will build an additional office building with an area of about 10,000 sqm.

“The decision to purchase the plot by Yareal means that – together with another garden to be arranged at the back of the additional office building – we will eventually build the entire city quarter from scratch. LIXA will be significantly different from the surrounding office buildings consisting almost exclusively of high-rise buildings. With two garden courtyards and a green arcade accessible to all, LIXA will offer its tenants conditions not available anywhere in the immediate vicinity,” explains Yareal’s CEO Eric Dapoigny.

Wide walkway full of trees

The elegant city passage will cross the LIXA complex, dividing it into two almost equal parts. This will create a convenient passage connecting Kasprzaka Street with Gieldowa Street. A dozen or so meters wide passageway will enable planting trees, shrubs and greenery, which will diversify the complex, further enriching the green areas unique in this area. The planned solution will resemble an open public space, built by Yareal in front of another office building – Nowogrodzka Square. It is for the city’s city-generating arcade that this office building has recently received the Grand Prix and the award for the best commercial building in the Architectural Award of the President of Warsaw.

The first stage will take place in 2020.

The construction of the first stage of LIXA, consisting of two buildings with a total area of 28,000 sqm, will be completed in a few months, which will allow the tenant to move into the office building later this year. A representative building located at the junction of Kasprzaka and Karolkowa Streets, will fully occupy the headquarters of BNP Paribas Bank. The 13-storey BNP Paribas tower will also be the highest building in the complex. The remaining four office buildings will be constructed on a smaller campus scale, emphasized – similarly to the corner building – by a cascade structure, decreasing towards internal, green courtyards.

The LIXA project meets the stringent requirements of the international BREEAM system, which confirms the application of solutions consistent with the concept of sustainable construction. Yareal’s flagship office project has recently received a BREEAM Interim certificate with a rating of Excellent.

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