Zgierz will build apartments in the PPP formula

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City authorities of Zgierz are planning to build new apartments in the form of public-private partnership (PPP). On 12 August this year, a letter of intent was signed with the Ministry of Investment and Development in this matter. The agreement will enable the city, at the stage of preparing the investment for implementation, to take advantage of the legal and advisory support offered by the ministry.

100 new dwellings

The document of the agreement was signed by: Deputy Minister of the Ministry and Government Plenipotentiary for Public-Private Partnership Waldemar Buda and President of Zgierz Przemyslaw Staniszewski.

The project can produce 100 new flats. 10% of them would be owned by the city, which means that the premises would be included in the municipal resource of the commune. The remaining 90% would be commercial flats owned by a private partner who will build blocks of flats on a plot made available by the city. They would have the right to sell these flats on the free market.

The new housing investment in Zgierz is to contribute, among others, to increasing the attractiveness of the residential market in the city.

Thermomodernisation of schools as part of PPP

The planned construction of new apartments is not the only investment in Zgierz realized within the framework of public-private partnership. In 2017, a contract was signed for thermal modernisation of educational buildings in Zgierz. The project was carried out with the participation of local government, private partner and European funds.

As part of the project, more than 20 schools, kindergartens, nurseries and a swimming pool were renovated. Thermomodernisation included replacement of doors, windows and central heating installation. The average energy saving after thermal modernization of educational buildings is estimated at 60%.

Zgierz is the first city in the Lodz Province to decide to finance investments in the PPP formula. The total cost of works is PLN 56m.

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